Monday the 2019-03-11

I had a meeting with my group where we further discussed different subjects regarding structuring.

Jesper made a exercise called Whats In It For Me? (WIIFM) where we had the job to place different questions down on a poster.

This resulted in an agenda for each meeting, and also different subjects to discuss.

I also spend the day preparing for my interview tomorrow.

Tuesday the 2019-03-12

I went to internship interview, and they seemed excited for me. I will be going to a second interview on Monday the 18th.

This interview resulting in me questioning my choice to use Angular as frontend development framework, since they use Vue.js. I will therefore, if I get the internship, be changing out my frontend framework. I’m sorry Angular fans :-(.

Furthermore they also used Dapper, which I think I will be using for some of my queries.

Wednesday the 2019-03-13

This day I had a meeting with my supervisor about my process. She seemed very pleased over my work. She did give me an advice to just start coding, and making something concrete. So therefore I also started working on the primary service of the program, called RequestService.

Thursday the 2019-03-14

Implementing the RequestService. Follow it on: GitHub

I will be writing a post about the implementation. So stay tuned :-).

Friday the 2019-03-15

Project meeting with the group.

We here tried our new agenda for the first time, resulting in me getting a better insight about my teams individual process.

Jesper also tried out my service on his own machine, resulting in success after an SDK update. Yay!