Monday the 2019-02-25:

I met up with my group to discuss some wireframes, and Lars (my groupmember) made a small presentation on how he wants us to structure our work. Afterwards we sat down to discuss our perception of the domain and made a domain model.

Afterwards we finished some adobe XD prototypes. Here is the one for the web application

Adobe XD web application

This is a good way to be on the same page and adobe XD is a very intuitive tool to make small prototypes.

Wednesday the 2019-02-27:

I had a meeting with my instructor about what I have achieved and what I need to do further. Here we talked about the past three weeks and what I’m supposed to have ready for the next meeting.

Here I wrote that I want to:

  • Have a service implemented with Clean Architecture
  • Finished my book on Clean Architecture

Thursday the 2019-02-28:

We met up with to show our prototypes and get our backlog prioritized. We discussed alot about the login system and what it is supposed to look like - they do not want to have a login system as the first thing you see when you go to our website.

Therefore the people asking for a translation could be anonymous, and therefore linked to a mac address or something similar. Then when they register their process and answers/questions will be transferred to a different ID.

Friday the 2019-02-29:

We had an project meeting where we discussed various different things, such as folder structure, different events and slowly we developed some entities.

It ended up being a TranslationService, with two entities

  • Request
  • Answer

But this can go under the same aggregate root. A Translation aggregate root. Therefore when a Translation is deleted all corresponding Answers and the Request it self is deleted.

I would have to discuss this with my group :-).

In the next week you will see some concrete implementation of this, with different patterns such as the CQRS. Look forward to it.