Monday the 2019-02-18:

On this day I had some ERFA meetings. ERFA is a business term. An ERFA meeting consist of a small group of people with same professional interests. In this context the professional interests are the same as the areas I will be focusing on this 4th semester.

I went to the following ERFA meetings.

  • Databases
  • JavaScript frameworks
  • Software Architecture
  • Web development

In all of those meeting I met with people, who also had these subjects as areas that they are working with.

These meetings were about how we are going to use these subjects, and how they relate with the project we are making parallel to

Afterwards I went home to study more. I found an article on medium about recommended courses. I have been following MIT’s Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python. It is very interesting to see code written in a different way than C# and to be taught about programming by some of the finest professors in the world. I have been through the first two modules, and experienced programming in a whole new way. I also got introduced to the Halting problem. A very interesting problem/paradox, which made me thinking about programming in a whole different way. The professors also explain very basic algorithms to the bone, which I also found very interesting. They are making computational thinking sound very easy - is not.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed your read.

Tuesday the 2019-02-19:

More reading and following the MIT Course.

Thursday the 2019-02-21:

Today it was more following the same courses and finding more resources. I found a Pluralsight learning path about Domain-Driven design – including Clean Architecture and Microservices.

Friday the 2019-02-22:

Today we met up in the project group to Event Storm and Brain Storm about the project. We also made a simple prototype in Adobe XD. A very simple program to make interactive prototype of websites and apps. I really consider it a great addition to your workflow when trying to design websites.