Hello reader!

Now for my first post. This is about week 7. My project group decided to use this week on information gathering. We all have different areas we would like to focus on, and therefore this week will mainly contain alot of information I have gathered around my two areas.

The format for these posts will be like a weekly diary, which in the weekend will contain a short summary of each week. Finally I will push the post when the week ends, so everyone can access it through my website.

Monday the 2019-02-11:

On this day my project group and I met up to start our journey to be even better software developers, and prepare our first project focused meeting with Ordbogen.com, our Product Owner.

For nearly two hours we brainstormed and came up with some questions, so we can create an equal footing with Ordbogen.com around what this project really is about, and what requirements they have.

Underneath you can see a picture of some of the brainstorming:


Afterwards I sat down searching for some good explanations about Microservice Architecture and an example of how this could be implemented.

I ended up finding alot of great ressources such as:

Microservice Website

Dev Mentors

Which I spend some hours on reading. The two guys on YouTube does a very good job. Kudos to them!

I think I will make a seperated ressources tab in the navbar, where you can access the ressources I’ve found helpful.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed your read.

Tuesday the 2019-02-12:

On this day we met up with Ordbogen with our questions we had prepared.

The meeting was very loose and constructive. We ended up with all of our questions answered and know we have a broader idea of what usecases and backlog items to create.

Afterwards I went to the local libary to turn in some books. I ended up looking for programming books in my native language, Danish.

I ended up with borrowing some C# books and some books about the Object Oriented way of thinking. It gives an another dimension on my understanding, reading about these topics in danish.

Furthermore I started a learning path on Pluralsight about Angular. The first coure is about the fundamentals, and afterwards the difficulty will rise to more advanced topics.

That was all for this day

Wednesday the 2019-02-13:

This day was used most for following the courses I had found and reading the books I have found at the libary.

Angular2+ has been very interesting to start learning about, and I begin to see some possibilites.

I do however have kept my eyes on Blazor. It seems very interesting WebAssembly doing making my C# readable for the browser. Look forward to experiment with that, when it’s out of it’s experimental started.

That was all for this day

Thursday the 2019-02-14:

More reading and Angular courses.

Friday the 2019-02-15:

My project group and I met up at our college to discuss some of the answers Ordbogen had given to us.

That resulted in some discussions about what kind of services we would like to have in our program, and what theses services should have as functionality.

Afterwards we went to our college’s libary, because they have more updated material.

I lended Robert C. Martins books Clean Architecture and Clean Code. I ended up reading 1/3 of Clean Architecture. This guy knows how to explain, and gives some great insight in the Software Development world. Very nice book.

I also lended Martin Fowlers book Patterns of Enterprise Apllication Architecture. This book is when I start developmenting and experimenting. Look forward to use it.

Last but not least I found a book about SOA on danish - but that got me wondering; what is the difference between Microservices and SOA? After some reading on the internet the difference seem small - Microservices is just a more modern way to interpret SOA. But, I think I need more research about this topic.

That was all for this day and week!