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A Clean Architecture web API - part two

An easy to follow structure

Introduction As mentioned in part one, each service is designed with Clean Architecture principles. Clean Architecture is a smart way of structuring an application, and thrives on some of the principles of good Object Oriented Principles such as SOLID and DRY. But also some design principles as Domain-Driven Design. [Read More]

Week 12 to week 17

A hectic period

I have had some hectic weeks. Starting of with a lot of internship interviews and struggle, to a one week study trip to Antwerp in Belgium. I have now finished the study trip and exam, and found an internship - YAY. [Read More]

Week 11

A change of course

Monday the 2019-03-11 I had a meeting with my group where we further discussed different subjects regarding structuring. Jesper made a exercise called Whats In It For Me? (WIIFM) where we had the job to place different questions down on a poster. This resulted in an agenda for each meeting,... [Read More]

Week 10

ERFA meetings and reading

Monday the 2019-03-04 This day I met up with my ERFA groups to discuss different subjects including: JavaScript frameworks Databases Web development Afterwards we had an hour or two about international module, where I will be going to Antwerp, Belgium for study trip. Here we are going to have contact... [Read More]